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Does your invention have a potential to be profitable?  Do you need time to develop it to the point where you can test market it, solicit investments and/or licensees?  In that case you should proceed with a PPA (Provisional Patent Application).

Is the design verified and market studies indicate your invention could be profitable?  Then decide whether to file a PPA, a RPA or stick to a trade secret approach.

Start by studying the essentials of IP (intellectual property) protection.  There are a few free or almost free IP knowledge sources.  In addition to some of the material presented here, you can search the web, go to your public library, and/or read the NOLO published “Patent It Yourself”.   You can skip these steps and employ the services of a patent practitioner (agent or lawyer) such as Savantek Patent Services.  However, the more you know about patents before employing a patent professional, the easier and more economical will be your dealing with one.

A patent application is one of the most difficult legal documents to prepare with potentially major irreversible consequences on the profitability of your invention.  It is therefore very prudent to employ the services of a patent professional to finalize the application you prepared yourself.  

CAUTION:  This is an overly simplified guide not meant to be your main decision tool.

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