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What is a "patent"?

A patent will prevent others from practicing my invention ...

Should I ask around to see if my invention would be a money maker? 

Many, especially novice inventors, have a very superficial and sometimes wrong perception of what a patent is, what protection is provided by a patent and the cost of patenting.

You'll find concise answers and explanations to these and other similar questions here.  The contents of the "Patent Blog" changes periodically, about once a month.  We also bring the newest from the IP world here, so make a note of checking in again to keep abreast of what's going on in the patenting world.

Just keep in mind that simplified answers are not a substitute for legal advice even if kept as accurate as possible.  Our goal here is to give you top level understanding of the basics; else you can study the tens of pages of the US patent law, and the hundreds of pages of the US patent regulations and thousands of pages of the US patent examination manual.  Then the case law and international implications and ...

Or hire a patent professional like Savantek Patent Services to provide you with your patent needs.  Just as you'd hire a medical professional for your health related issues.

One of the most asked questions I get is "What is the difference between a patent lawyer and a patent agent?  Click here for the USPTO explanation.

Another way to preserve inventor's funds while researching the economical value of the invention is to apply for a Provisional Patent Application, described on the next page in this tab.

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