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Contact Savantek Patent Services for a free initial consultation.


If you have an invention you need to protect, do you know how to proceed?

Is patenting the proper next step?

Is a provisional patent application appropriate for you?

Do you want to save on patenting costs?


Why Savantek Patent Services ?

You can benefit from working with Savantek PS, because we are a boutique intellectual property firm serving the small business and individual inventor community.

 Our goal is to assit you and to guide you through the process of developing and protecting your invention while minimizing your expenses.  And as boutique firms do, you can pick and chose from our menu of services that are typically billed at very reasonable hourly rates payable upon completion of a task.

Development of new products requires integration of multiple science, technological and art disciplines. This is probably more so now than in the past.  Correspondingly, we strive to integrate education and experience in multiple fields to provide the best quality service to our clients.  Please note that we do not undertake assignments in biotechnology, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, life sciences and plants.



Savantek Patent Services

  • Invention evaluation – starting with the first meeting, we will review your invention from both, the legal point of view and also the design aspects of your invention.
  • Patent application preparation and prosecution - we will prepare and prosecute your patent application with the US Patent Office and/or WIPO.  We can also advise and assist a pro-se applicant on specific tasks.
  • Abandoned application and expired patent appeals.
  • Patentability and non-infringement searches.
  • Patent application illustrations.
  • Patent application translation from English to Czech or Slovak and v.v.


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